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Serving the Greater Macon Area
Serving the Greater Macon Area

Experienced Macon Chiropractor Treating a Variety of Injuries

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Any number of incidents may precede your search for an injury chiropractor. Perhaps you need a personal injury chiropractor or a work injury chiropractor to help you overcome an accident that left you hurt. No matter why you need care, we will help you determine the source of the problem and create a treatment plan that helps you regain your strength. Phillips Chiropractic is the only facility in Macon with the skills and commitment to treating patients suffering from any of the following accidents:

  • Auto collision

  • Slip and fall

  • Accident on dangerous premises

  • Assault

  • Work injury

We understand how difficult recovery can be, but we are committed to seeing each of our patients become healthy again. If this is your goal, we can help you, too.

Boost Your Recovery With Chiropractic Care

As a personal injury chiropractor, we often see people seeking treatment for a variety of issues. All of these accidents typically result in trauma to, or a misalignment of, the spinal cord. How can chiropractic care help? A chiropractor can aid your recovery by adjusting your spine to an optimal position. After an initial adjustment, we can help maintain the proper spinal position through repeat visits, allowing your body to heal and you to regain your strength.

Helping Patients Feel Their Best in Warner Robins, Gray and Forsyth

Accidents can happen at any place and at any time, but no matter what the circumstances are, it’s essential that you treat them properly. Whether you need wellness care or a work injury chiropractor, you can count on the team at Phillips Chiropractic to offer the best care in Macon. We also serve clients in Forsyth, Warner Robins and Gray. You can overcome the effects of being hurt and regain your strength. For more information or to set up an appointment, please call us at 478-475-4131.

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